Site Preservation Grant

Archaeological Institute of America

February 15, 2018

The Adopting Narce Project in Italy received a Site Preservation Grant in Spring 2014 (Photo: Jacopo Tabolli)

This grant is intended to fund projects that uphold the AIA's mission to preserve and promote the world's archaeological heritage for future generations. The goal of the grant, which carries a maximum value of $25,000 to be awarded over the course of one to three years, is to maximize global preservation efforts and awareness through AIA support. The AIA is targeting projects that not only seek to directly preserve archaeological sites, but those that also emphasize outreach, education, and/or best practices intended to create a positive impact on the local community, students, and the discipline of archaeology as a whole.

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The Conservation and Site Preservation Committee is revising our Site Preservation Grant Program.  Therefore, we are not currently accepting grant inquiries.  Please check back in the fall of 2017 for more information.  

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Ben Thomas