This listing expired on March 17, 2012. Please contact for any updated information.
Dayton Society of Natural History Internship Program

Location: Dayton, Ohio, United States

June 11, 2012 to August 3, 2012

Application Deadline: 
Friday, March 16, 2012

Deadline Type: 
Contact for details

Program Type

Staff position

RPA certified



Dayton Society of Natural History

Project Director:

Bill Kennedy, Curator of Anthropology, DSNH

Project Description

The Dayton Society of Natural History is offering four full-time paid intern positions for college and graduate students interested in Midwestern prehistory.  Emphasis will be placed on the excavation of Late Prehistoric sites in Dayton, Ohio, dating to approximately A.D. 1300. The internship includes excavation of a habitation site, 33 My 127, and experimental architectural reconstruction of prehistoric structures at SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park and Fort Ancient State Memorial.  Candidates are expected to be anthropology majors or in a closely-related discipline.  Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply.  Excavation experience is desirable, but not required.  Housing is available for non-local participants and is partially subsidized by DSNH.  Participants must be present for the entire eight weeks, U.S. citizens or authorized to work in the U.S., and at least 18 years old.  DSNH is a private, non-profit, equal opportunity employer.  The application deadline is March 16, 2012.  For more information and application instructions, please email

Period(s) of Occupation: Late Prehistoric/Fort Ancient culture, A.D. 1000-1650

Excavation, reconstruction, experimental archaeology, Fort Ancient, Ohio, Mississippian

Project size: 
1-24 participants

Minimum age: 

Experience required: 
Excavation experience is desirable but not required

Room and Board Arrangements

Housing is available for non-local participants and is partially subsidized by DSNH.

$500 for the duration of the season

Academic Credit

Number of credits offered: none


Contact Information
William E. Kennedy
2600 DeWeese Parkway
937-275-7431 ext. 115
Recommended Bibliography: 

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